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Law of Ambition Quotes E-book

Law of Ambition Quotes E-book

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A book of tools and messages from Luis Garcia (@LawofAmbition) to help you shift your perspective, overcome your struggles, handle your emotions, and dominate any goal you set your sights on.

Law of Ambition began as an Instagram page where Luis Garcia posted the lessons he was learning as he took charge of his life and built his business from scratch. Today, Luis still uses his Instagram as a peg board for the messages and words he wants to remember. But, now, he shares those quotes with more than 350 thousand entrepreneurs who share his commitment to succeeding by any means. Law of Ambition Quotes puts some of his most powerful advice and lessons at your fingertips in one book. 

This book will help you: 

  • Become a more confident and effective entrepreneur and leader 
  • Take ownership for your life and escape survival mode 
  • Develop a winner’s mindset and become more disciplined 
  • Set big goals, create solid plans, and execute at every step 
  • Build better relationships in your personal and professional life


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